Retirement Coaching

Preparing for retirement

Few people actually retire when then plan to. It's because what starts off as eager anticipation often turns into a fearful dread... but careful planning and preparation can make this an enjoyable process. 

The transition stage

You take the deep break and make the shift. The excitement and euphoria, tinged with anxieties about purpose and meaning. I can coach you through all of this and more.  

Enjoying your new stage in life

Once you've jumped onto the retirement ship, I work with you to bed in the new life you'll lead, enjoying the opportunities, managing any limitations and massaging the blips. 

My model of coaching draws from the work of world-retirement expert Professor John Osborne, who has extensively researched the psychological effects of retirement. 

I do not provide financial advice involving retirement as this requires specialist knowledge that I do not have. But you can find details of UK Independent Financial Advisors at .